ALPLAUS Alplaus United Methodist Church

Alplaus United Methodist Church

We know God can be found anywhere, but we feel closer here.

The Alplaus United Methodist Church (the only church ever in Alplaus) was chartered in October 1913.  Our current building was begun in 1915 with the basement level initially used for worship.  The upper brick structure was built in 1930 and the education wing and kitchen in 1959.  Stained glass windows were installed in 1930, 1978-9, and 1989.  From its beginnings, the church has been a social as well as spiritual center for the community.

Celebrating over 100 Years

Our Mission

Our mission is to actively live our Christian faith through worship, prayer, and service, and to be God's love to our neighbors in all places.

Our Vision

Our vision for the AUMC is to be a viable, active, welcoming church that supports both individual members and the community through a loving, spiritual atmosphere.

All Welcome

Church members and non-members are welcome to attend all services and to have their religious ceremonies in our facility. Community groups and individuals may rent space at the church. For example, the boy scouts meet weekly in the Fellowship Hall. Please contact the church office for Rules for use of Church facilities, at (518)399-6000.